Lesson Cornerstone Curriculum Content Standards: Science
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Lesson Cornerstone:

Plant identification

Curriculum Content Standards: Science

(3) Students, through the inquiry process, demonstrate knowledge of characteristics, structures and function of living things, the process and diversity of life, and how living organisms interact with each other and their environment.

Site Description:

Located within Wayfarers State Park, the Harry Horn Native Plant Garden was planted in 1998 and offers a wide variety of native plants.  In addition, there are various trails in the surrounding forest that include a few species of orchid (calypso, striped and spotted carolroot).  In some places, there are mixed patches of forest and grassland flowers such as heartleaf arnica, silky lupine, indian paintbrush, arrowleaf balsamroot, shooting stars, alberta penstemon, death camas and more.  Native bees, butterflies and hummingbirds pollinate the garden and surrounding forest.Harry Horn Native Plant Garden

Trails and Terrain:

The Harry Horn Native Plant Garden is signed.  Within the garden, there exists a 30 feet long, flat walkway.  Other trails within Wayfarers State Park vary in length from a half-mile to one mile.  Those trails are on small rolling hills.  Flathead Lake is accessible.

Wildlife Present:

Harry Horn Native Plant Garden/Wayfarers State Park has a variety of wildlife species; many of which are seldom seen. The most common are whitetail and mule deer; a wide variety of birds, especially in May and June; mountain lion; black bear; bighorn sheep; raccoon; and skunk. Red squirrels are common. Chipmunks, voles and other rodents are also present.Blue Camas

On-Site Educational Programs:

With enough notice, Brett Thuma of Brett Thuma Gallery is willing to be an interpreter.  He maintains the Harry Horn Native Plant Garden.


Open all year.  May, June and early July are best for flower viewing.

Access:Shooting Star

The Harry Horn Native Plant Garden is located in the first parking lot of Wayfarers State Park.  This area is also known as the Harry Horn day use area.

There is some disabled access.

Parking and Entrance to Site:

Take Highway 35. After crossing bridge over Bigfork Bay, watch for Wayfarers/Harry Horn State Park signs just south of Bigfork. Turn west into Harry Horn Native Plant Garden/Wayfarers State Park.
Ample parking is available.

Google Earth Driving Directions:

Harry Horn Native Plant Garden

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Harry Horn Native Plant Garden 48.054800, -114.075430 Harry Horn Native Plant Garden


Group size limits:

A special use permit may be required.


State parks are free for Montana residents.  A special use permit may be required.

Site services:

Restrooms, a picnic shelter and water are available.  Reservations may be required for the picnic area.

Contact Information:

Brett Thuma Gallery for Harry Horn Native Plant Garden, 837-4604
Wayfarers State Park, 837-4196

For additional site and lesson plan information:

Montana Native Plant Society

Wayfarers State Park