Native Plants: Surviving the Winter

Winter is here and you know what that means - howling wind and frigid snow! Each year, as the days get shorter, the temperatures drop, making survival more difficult for our local native plant species. More »


By: Ansley Ford - Fall is a delicious time of year in the Flathead Valley! Farms and gardens are overflowing with the summer’s bounty. Melons, apples, potatoes, squash, and many other colorful, nutritious fruits and veggies are ripe for the picking. More »


In the Flathead Valley we are lucky to be able to experience winter water in the form of snow. More »

The Story Behind the Landscape

By: Lex Blood - With the return of winter and snow to the mountains and floor of the Flathead Valley, we are reminded of a time beginning about 2 million years ago and concluding about 10,000 years ago when great masses of ice up to 3,000 feet thick periodically covered almost everything we see today. More »



We are a network of individuals and organizations working together to increase awareness and understanding about the natural, historical and cultural resources of the Flathead Region. Flathead CORE:

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