In this eBooklet designed with teachers in mind, you will find:

  • Site Descriptions to allow you to plan effective and fun field trips
  • Lesson Cornerstones tied to the Montana Curriculum Content Standards
  • A Quick Guide to give you a fast way to look up the programs near you
  • Additional Links to help you plan your lesson plans for successful field trips.

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View the Outdoor Education Sites and Programs:

A Teacher's Guide to Outdoor Education Sites and Program in the Flathead Region

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Barber Creek Pit Restoration Site: 47.445424, -113.666324
Creston National Fish Hatchery: 48.198571, -114.118731
Dry Bridge Pond: 48.216038, -114.296241
Field Camp of Glacier Institute: 48.510845, -113.994419
Big Creek Outdoor Education Center of Glacier Institute: 48.601513, -114.166530
Glacier National Park - St. Mary\'s: 48.746751, -113.432158
Glacier National Park - West Glacier: 48.498056, -113.983751
Native Plant Garden at the Museum at Central School: 48.197570, -114.310660
Owen Sowerwine Natural Area: 48.188586, -114.270833
Pine Grove Pond: 48.249246, -114.289481
Forest Service Summit Nature Center at Whitefish Mountain Resort: 48.502359, -114.341049
Swan Ecosystem Center & USFS Condon Work Center: 47.535490, -113.719496
Swan River Oxbow Preserve: 47.884833, -113.855224
Tally Lake Campground and Day Use Area: 48.413261, -114.582811
Trumbull Creek Educational Forest: 48.400301, -114.237312
Walstad Fishing Access: 47.811053, -114.265956
Whitefish Lake Institute Interpretive Nature Trail: 48.429832, -114.340302
Lone Pine State Park: 48.178569, -114.341520
Buffalohead Park Pond: 48.224000, -114.322000
Flathead Valley Community College Arboretum: 48.227739, -114.325965
Herron Park: 48.148846, -114.355131
Loon Lake 4H Camp: 48.026000, -113.991000
Shady Lane Pond: 48.211000, -114.262000
Smith Lake: 48.107000, -114.441000
Harry Horn Native Plant Garden: 48.054800, -114.075430
Lost Trail National Wildlife Refuge: 48.176100, -114.148657
Safe Harbor Marsh Preserve: 47.775017, -114.148657
Bitterroot Lions Youth Camp: 48.139970, -114.715120

Explore Outdoor Education Sites and Programs:

SiteLocationLesson Cornerstone:
(F)orest, (I)dentification, (R)estoration, (W)etland
Science Standards Content NumberSeasonsADA AccessibilityGroup Size LimitsFeesGradesFacilities: (P)icnic Area, (R)estrooms, (W)ater
Barber Creek Pit Restoration SiteSouth of CondonI, R3, 5All30None0 - 12
Big Creek Outdoor Education Center of Glacier InstituteNorth Fork of the FlatheadF, I, W3Partial: Spring, Summer, FallSome40Fee0 - 12P, R, W
Bitterroot Lions Youth CampMarion
Buffalohead Park PondKalispellW3AllNone0 - 12
Creston National Fish HatcheryCrestonI, R, W3, 5AllYesNone0 - 12P, R
Dry Bridge PondKalispellI3AllNone0 - 12R
Field Camp of Glacier InstituteWest GlacierF, I, W3Partial: Spring, Summer, Fall, WinterSome22Fee0 - 12P, R, W
Flathead Valley Community College ArboretumKalispellI3Partial: Spring, Summer, Fall, WinterYesNone0 - 12
Forest Service Summit Nature Center at Whitefish Mountain ResortWhitefishF, I2, 3, 4Partial: Summer, WinterSome30Fee0 - 12P, R, W
Glacier National ParkWest Glacier, St. Mary'sF, I, R, W1, 2, 3, 4, 5Partial: Spring, Fall, WinterSomeYesWaiver0 - 12R
Harry Horn Native Plant GardenBigforkI3Partial: Spring, SummerSomeNone0 - 12P, R, W
Herron ParkKalispellF3AllSomeNone0 - 12P, R, W
Lone Pine State ParkKalispellF, I1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6Partial: Spring, FallYesYesNone0 - 12P, R, W
Loon Lake 4H CampFerndaleF, W3AllSomeYesFee0 - 12P, R, W
Lost Trail National Wildlife RefugeMarion
Native Plant Garden at the Museum at Central SchoolKalispellI3Partial: Spring, Summer15None0 - 12P, R, W
Owen Sowerwine Natural AreaKalispellF, I, W3AllYes20None0 - 12
Pine Grove PondKalispellI3Partial: Spring, Summer, FallYesNone0 - 12P, R
Safe Harbor Marsh PreservePolsonI, W3AllYesNone0 - 12P, R
Shady Lane PondKalispellW3AllYesNone0 - 12P, R
Smith LakeKilaW3AllYesNone0 - 12P, R
Swan Ecosystem Center & USFS Condon Work CenterCondonF, I3AllYes50None0 - 12P, R, W
Swan River Oxbow PreserveSwan RiverF, I, W3Partial: Spring, Summer, FallNone0 - 12
Tally Lake Campground & Day Use AreaWhitefishF, I, W3Partial: Spring, Summer, FallYes100Fee0 - 12P, R, W
Trumbull Creek Educational ForestColumbia FallsF, I, R5AllYesYesNone0 - 12
Walstad Fishing AccessPolsonI, R, W5AllYesNone7 - 12P, R
Whitefish Lake Institute Interpretive Nature TrailWhitefishI, R, W3, 5Partial: Spring, Summer, Fall, WinterYesNone0 - 12P