April 12, 2017, 4 – 6 pm

Location:  Flathead Conservation District, 133 Interstate Ln, Kalispell
Attendees: Denny Olson, Kathy Martin, Monica Elser, Carolan Coughlin, Brian Schwartz, Teresa Wenum, Sheena Pate, Cynthia Ingelfinger, Laura Law


General Updates


  Computer/website committee updates:

       Laura and Sheena reported on the fixed malware issue. Go Daddy was helpful but it cost $170 for the 911 fix and another $71 for the annual Sitelok fee to protect it from future issues. Cynthia was going to look into what FCD uses for malware protection and let Laura know. Hosting fees are paid through 2020.

       Laura is going to contact Kate Arpin (, 406-596-0813) about possibly updating the sites theme. Asta Bowens Externship program might have a student who could help with website updates as well. Carolan is sending Laura that information. We should remove the front-end login feature for security reasons.

       Cynthia joined the Website CommitteeJ

       Sheena requested photos from peoples education events for the website.

       Google Analytics will be added to the website.

  Forest For Every Classroom Planning (FFEC).

       The community meeting was held on Mar. 16th, 4:30-7:30, at the Flathead National Forest Service Office. 22 people attended and it was a very successful brainstorming session. They are still looking for a nonprofit fiscal partner. Laura, Teresa and Melissa are meeting with Carolan and Cliff from MCC on Friday. Foys to Blacktail and FVCCs Foundation are other possible partners. The partner needs to be determined by the end of May at the latest. The first workshop would be help at the end of April, 2018 so the recruitment would begin at the start of school in Sept, 2017 with the framework, dates and locations all set. 

  Project Learning Tree Educator Workshop 

       30 educators attended the all-day workshop at the Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp on April 8th.

  Citizens for a Better Flathead is organizing Earth Day on April 22nd at the Whitefish Middle School.  Many CORE representatives will be there with booths.

  Youth Global Service Day is April 22 at Kalispell Middle School (106 NW Lane) 10 – 2pm. Center for Restorative Youth Justice is organizing. MCC will have a booth for volunteer opportunities. Contact Carolan ( if you have information about youth activities.

  Montana Environmental Educators Conference was Mar. 9th and 10th, 2017 in Helena.

  Arbor Day is April 28th, and Kalispell Parks and Rec. is sponsoring the event for 3rd graders at Kids Sport in Kalispell. They are looking for adult volunteers to help plant trees. Let Teresa or Rick Moore know if you are interested.

  Columbia Falls Arbor Day Celebration is on May 5th at Columbus Park. Glacier Gateway 5th graders will be involved.

  The 28th Annual EXPO is May 1-5th this year, Family Day is the 6th.

  FVCCs Bio Blitz is May 13 Ruth Wrightsman is coordinating, 406-756-3878 rwrightsman@fvcc.ed


Trunk Workshop:

       Last year we had a lot sign up but only about half showed up. If this is a trend, perhaps we consider a small fee ($10).

       Save the date for the 2017 Trunk workshop on Thursday, October 19th. MEAs PIR day workshop is in Missoula this year so hopefully we wont lose teachers to that event.

       Denny has a new trunk to showcase; Lone Pines Americorp member, Casey, is creating a new trunk; and Flathead Lakers may have a new one as well. FCDs Rolling Rivers Trailer may be able to come if the weather is good.

       Sheena and Cynthia are organizing this years Trunk Workshop

       We will scope Lone Pine as a possible location for the workshop when we visit for our May CORE meeting.

       Eliza Sorte-Thomas ( is moving on to be a professor at FVCC and may be able to help us tap into teachers in training for workshops.


Watershed Education Committee

       The 2nd Edition has been printed and is available for distribution. Lori has asked for a list of specific Middle School teachers (5-8th grade) who might be interested in addition to the 1st editions distribution list. Send the names to Lori, Teresa or Valerie.

       The Curriculum is going through final edits.


Round Robin

       Denny - Audubon

       Denny has been busy with birding workshops and classes, the new Wetland Birds trunk, booths at Earth Day, Arbor Day, Expo, new partnerships including with Ravenswood on a Language of Birds workshop at Owen Sowerwine on May 13 9-4pm and on a new 2018 Phenology Calendar due out soon.

       Brian – Lone Pine, FWP

       Lone Pine has a new curriculum for outdoor education where Casey (Americorp) does a classroom presentation followed by teacher led trail outings. 12 teachers came for a related training with continuing education credit recently

       May 13th is the start of FWP State Park Peak season.

       The Archery trail is open and Lone Pine is expanding into evening programs with Elizabeths extended hour (Ballroom dancing date nights)

       Kathy – Hockaday

       Kathy distributed the recent Art Matters publication with new summer classes including two that are in partnership with Kalispell Parks and Recreation

       Hockaday got a grant to support two summer internships (one education oriented and one to research for the 50th anniversary of the museum). They didnt get any applicants and are now opening it up to High School seniors. Cynthia will send Kathy a list of contacts for the local High School career counselors and we will add internships to the CORE website

       Cynthia - FCD

       FCD is involved with a lot of upcoming educational programs (Whitefish Legacy Partners, Whitefish Lake Institute, Flathead Lakers at the Biological Station, Arbor Day booth, Expo Riparian Station, Rolling Rivers Trailer at Hedges School and Summit Prep, Era of Megafires table)

       Education Grants are due June 10th; 2 College Scholarships were awarded, and Camp scholarship applications are due May 1st (Range Camp, Glacier Institute, Natural Resources Camp) See:

       Teresa – Flathead NF

       The Summit House Nature Center season ended the middle of March and will reopen on June 17th until Labor Day. It is open daily 10am - 5pm. Contact Teresa at 758-5218 for information.

       She is looking for 6 students (ages 15-18 years) for this years Youth Conservation Corp. Four have applied so far. The deadline is Friday.

       Sheena – Crown of Continent

       Sheena will be at the Earth Day event

       Shes been talking to Savannah about a Glacier Discovery Center/Childrens Museum idea for PreK-K. Savannah may come to the May meeting.

       Monica – FLBS

       Science on Tap has been going well. It is the 1st Tuesday of every month. It will have a new summer location to help handle increased attendance.

       AIS informational sessions have been held around the valley and there are 30 sampling stations to collect E-DNA samples.

       They are looking for grant money for K-12 educational supplies and equipment (Cynthia suggested FCDs Education grants)

       MT Geographic Alliance has a giant traveling map of MT. ( FLBS is interested in a map of the Flathead Valley focused on water and watershed. They are applying for a grant.

       Wiki Watershed is an initiative of Stroud Water Research Center. Model My Watershed is a watershed-modeling Web app that enables citizens, conservation practitioners, municipal decision-makers, educators, and students to:

  Analyze real land use and soil data in their neighborhoods and watersheds

  Model stormwater runoff and water-quality impacts using professional-grade models

  Compare how different conservation or development scenarios could modify runoff and water quality

  And there is a middle school/High school curriculum that has been developed for it

       FLBS is offering a Wilderness 1st aid class on April 22, 23 and there is still room. Contact Lida Nitz at the station if youre interested.

       FLBS is also doing research on the importance of gravelly stream beds in the region and will be involved in the Nyack Bio Blitz

       Carolan - MCC

       MCC is training leaders now, and hiring kids and leaders for summer programs. 14-18 year olds participate in Expedition Crews and 15-18 year olds on YCC crews. In 2017, there will be 8 adult crews and 8 youth crews. If people want to come visit the crews on site, MCC is looking for professionals to come talk about their work and possibly do some natural history education.

       Laura – GNP

       The summer teacher workshop is being help the week of June 26th. Response has been great so far but they are still accepting applications. It is a 4-day program.


Call for Materials: Please provide updated outreach information for outreach events. You can give them to Teresa or bring them to the May 24th meeting. Laura will add the call for information to the next meeting announcement email.


Flathead CORE next meeting:

       May 24th – Lone Pine – 4:00 pm